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If brains were gasoline Mike would have enough to power an ants motorcycle around the outside of a penny. Would be funny if it wasn't true. Sports, sports, sports. Often times he said if he didnt do SOMETHING in the industry in would be a complete waste of his childhood. Crisis averted. 
Cancer Sucks And So Do You?

       First, let me send well wishes to one Roman Reigns. Cancer affects everyone in some form or fashion. The disease doesn't give a shit about your age, race, religion, gender, economic status or physical prowess. You could look like Roman Reigns or be built like….well….me. Cancer doesn't care. Here's hoping he opens up a can of whoop ass once again and returns to the familiar LOL, Roman wins.
       That last part, the LOL, Roman wins is in part what I'd like to discuss. Part of me is so happy that so many people reached out on social media to show their support. In this very strange time we live in where our President mocks sexual assault victims, blames victims of hate crimes for the crime committed against them and endorses a regime that admitted to killing a journalist that opposed it, it is nice to see some good in people for a change.
       However, a larger part of me wants to call most of those people out for being the fake, self absorbed pieces of shit they really are. I'm talking about those people who boo Reigns mercilessly for doing nothing more than what his boss asks of him. I'm talking about those who chant the idiotic “You Can't Wrestle” to a guy actively wrestling. What if I went to the gas station you work at and started chanting “You Can't Pump” you know, the thing you're probably doing? Wouldn't be very smart would it? Instead how about being creative and going with “You Need Practice” or “Improve Selling”.
       Yet those aren't even the worst of it. I promise, no guarantee, a large portion of those phony smarks are the same ones who tweet death threats and thoughts of ill will to him and his family. Don't believe me? Do a quick Twitter search for anything before October 22, 2018. You find the kind of hatred and vitriol normally reserved for terrorists, rapists and Chris Benoit.
      The kind of keyboard warriors who pretend to hate him, secretly envy him because they loathe themselves and wouldn't dare say anything to his face for fear of getting their ass beat.
       The snarkiness and hatred for someone essentially in a play is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Especially someone who by all accounts is nothing but a stand up guy outside the ring. He's a great ambassador for the company and a great lesson in humility. Let us not forget that he failed a PED test a few years ago. It came out that the substance was a diuretic but is often used as a masking agent. He took his lumps, took his punishment (Losing to Jinder) and worked his way back to the top.
       I'll admit that a lot of my annoyance with Roman fans and fans in general is the unwillingness to go along with the show. The need to boo the good guy and cheer the bad guy. The seemingly endless bitching about creative by people without a creative bone in their body. I've never understood this mindset. When you boo the good guy you're actively fighting creative, making their job harder, instead of just being an important part of the show, trying to be THE show.
       But my biggest annoyance with fans, my biggest gripe is the sheer hypocrisy of their fandom. A few years ago the #cancelwwenetwork was trending on Twitter after the vocal fans (Not the majority mind you) complained about the finish of a Royal Rumble. If I'm mistaken and it wasn't a Rumble, bite me. Anyways, how can all these fans, week after week, month after month, year after year complain about creative, complain about storylines, pushes (or non pushes) and still pay the $10 a month for the network? If it was as terrible as they made it out to be they would've canceled long ago. Only a moron pays for something on a recurring basis if they hate it. If I hate a certain type of music or show or movie I don't watch or listen. I certainly don't keep paying for it over and over again. I hate Julia Roberts so I do all I can to not see anything she's in. And I'm better for it.
       Meanwhile, these idiots bitch and moan yet shell out money for tickets and merch and replica titles to show how much of a fan they are just so they can bitch in order to show how much of a smart fan they are which really just makes them annoying jackasses who don't know shit about writing a television show or booking a wrestling event.
       Where is this outrage and #cancelwwenetwork when the company they claim to hate is still (as of this writing) accepting what amounts to hush money from Saudi Arabia. As a publicly traded company consumers could actually affect change, even if on a temporary basis, and force a corporation to not ONLY think about the bottom line but other human beings.
       To sum up; anti-Roman fans can suck it. Fans who think they know better than creative can suck it. Fans who've never read a book let alone been in charge of one can suck it. If you wanna keep your subscription by all means do so. Just dont come at me with a moral high ground argument or fake praise for something you hate yet would give up everything to be.
   And as always, I'm Mike Booble and that's my opinion.
by Mike Booble

About The Author

If brains were gasoline Mike would have enough to power an ants motorcycle around the outside of a penny. Would be funny if it wasn't true. Sports, sports, sports. Often times he said if he didnt do SOMETHING in the industry in would be a complete waste of his childhood. Crisis averted. 
To Watch or Not To Watch

       As the NBA season gets underway the biggest question has almost assuredly been answered. The Warriors, barring significant injury, will three-peat as champs. The talent they bring back is staggering and around the 1st of January will add DeMarcus Cousins, a significant upgrade from Javale McGee. But as with any sport in any year where a significant favorite resides for a championship, one must look closer, a little deeper for stories worth following.

       The obvious, at least for the first few weeks would be LeBron going to the Lakers. And from a league perspective this is a very good thing. The Lakers, second maybe only to the Yankees as far as popularity both home and abroad are ratings juggernauts when they're terrible and you add the G.O.A.T to that mix and in an 82 game season you might realistically get 40 games nationally televised.

       And because the Lakers will be on TV a lot a byproduct of that will be the continued development of Lonzo Ball and Brandon
Ingram. The best part about LeBron being on the Lakers? If Lavar starts to run his mouth he might be banned from the Staples Center and if that doesn't work Lonzo might be traded to China. So It's a win for everybody.

       How about Kawhi Leonard being traded from San Antonio to Toronto? Will that impact Philly and/or Boston and their race to lose to the Warriors in the Finals? Do we even care?

       Look, Kawhi is a good player, maybe even a great one, but he's boring AF. Like everyone who plays for San Antonio he's so uninteresting. He won't be resigning in Toronto so the only real intrigue is whether they'll trade him before the deadline and set themselves up for the future.

       Then there are smaller stories; Gordon Hayward returning to Boston for hopefully longer than one game. The continued rise of Philly. DeAndre Ayton, the No.1 overall pick in this years draft having the fate on the Phoenix Suns placed on his large, bribe taking shoulders.

       The end of games, specifically the 4th quarter also received a boost with the news fans can now purchase the 4th quarter of games for $1.99. Only the strongest of fans can watch an entire non-playoff game so this seems like a very good first step in holding onto that younger generation so desperately coveted my major sports leagues.

       Growing up I was a huge NBA fan. As the years have passed and my loyalty to a particular team has waned I find myself a little apathetic towards the season. The draw, the best part of an NBA game, the thing that it has over any other sport, is the fact that it's fast paced. On almost a play by play basis you marvel at the best athletes in the world as the make the most aerial of feats seem too easy. A 360 dunk is mundane. Half court shots are practiced pregame and perfected in game in a Globetrotter like spectacle envied by anyone who's ever dared dribble a ball.

       Overall the NBA is in a great place financially. Ratings are strong nationally. Jerseys are a constant wherever you look. Celebrities still fight to been seen amongst the graceful giants. And yet, as the common fan, I can't help but feel that something is off. I'm not as pumped as I used to be or.should be. Maybe that's because I no longer play, either competitively or casually with friends. If feels like a bit of my childhood has been lost. Maybe I take a hard dive back into the sport I once loved. Maybe I find a new generation of players to admire the way I did LeBron back in high school. Or maybe my passion will ever burn as hot again. Maybe I sit and admire the athleticism from a distance, dream of past glory on the court, and forever regret that I never dunked a basketball. Whatever the case, strap in, it will be a long, short, dull and exciting season. And let's go Warriors.

       And as always, I'm Mike Booble and that's my opinion.