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If brains were gasoline Mike would have enough to power an ants motorcycle around the outside of a penny. Would be funny if it wasn't true. Sports, sports, sports. Often times he said if he didnt do SOMETHING in the industry in would be a complete waste of his childhood. Crisis averted. 
Keep Kaepernick Out of the NFL

I'm glad Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL.
I'm glad his 59.8 completion percentage is no longer on a team. Furthermore I'm glad we won't be seeing him kneeling during the national anthem before anymore games.

I'm glad Colin Kaepernick isn't in the NFL because of one reason; he's too good for it. Not on the field but off of it. He refused to “shut up and dribble” before Kobe Bryant wrote a terrible poem that won him a Grammy.

LeBron James and the Miami Heat wore black hoodies to protest the murder of Trayvon Martin. Kaep refused to stand for an anthem he felt no longer represented him or those like him. One player is out of the league, blackballed by old white men who refuse to acknowledge the racial biases of the police force in this country. The other just signed with one of the two most prominent franchises in American sports and whose career has continued to flourish.

I'm glad Kaep is out of the league because the league is not a place for the morally uncompromised. The NFL is a place for Greg Hardy who despite his continued refusal was found guilty of domestic violence against his then girlfriend. Despite this, even after being suspended by Commissioner CTE...errr… Goodell, he continued to draw his $15M dollar salary. What a punishment.

The league is for players like Josh Brown the former Seahawk and Giants kicker who admitted in a court of law to terrorizing his wife. He actually used that word. And got suspended ONE GAME.

Big Ben has been accused of sexual assault multiple times and was suspended for six games….although that was reduced to four once he agreed to undergo a “professional behavior evaluation", which I guess is someone telling him don't rape people but if you do pay them off before they go to the police.

Jameis Winston is probably a serial sexual abuser who is good at football so I guess no problem there.

Ray Rice was caught on video punching a woman in an elevator and was suspended two games….eventually….after public outcry reached fever pitch….oh and that was AFTER Commissioner CTE and his sycophantic yes men saw the tape in private before it was publicly available.

Kaepernick is a great role model for high school players and college players alike. You know who else should be a role model? Coaches. Coaches like Urban Meyer who as of this writing is still employed by Ohio State as their football coach..I suspect he’ll be fired shortly for helping to cover up one of his assistants domestic violence but only as a way for Ohio State to save face P.R. wiwe not because it would be justified to fire him without cause. But rest assured he will be considered as the next coach of the Cleveland Browns or some other sorry franchise in a year.

The latest twist and turn in the Colin Kaepernick story revolves around this years Madden game. Turns out one of the songs on the soundtrack featured a rapper name dropping Kaep. Sort of. I mean his name was dropped but EA Sports, I'm sure on behalf of the NFL,  censored his name. They then tried some weak ass b.s. about how he's no longer apart of the NFLPA but since that does not apply to the soundtrack they came back with the typical it was a mistake yada yada yada…..

Time and time again the NFL has completely fumbled this entire situation. Even the fact that players are kneeling instead of refusing to stand came about because an actual veteran, Nate Boyer, former NFL player, got together with Kaepernick to come up with a way to voice their opinion without inadvertently disrespecting the military.

Lost on everyone who's against the players kneeling is the fact that a protest isn't supposed to be convenient. It is by nature supposed to be disruptive. To combat this Commissioner CTE implemented penalties this upcoming season penalizing a player who kneels. Opting instead to give them the option to just stay in the locker room during the anthem….ya know….like what every player did before 2009 when the USO wrote them a fat check for fake patriotism.

Like I said before...unless you enjoy sexual assault, domestic violence, concussions, the covering up of the cause of said concussions or fake controversy about players disrespecting the military, the NFL isn't a place for you. And thankfully Colin Kaepernick falls into that category. I can only hope players from both teams during a given game protest, nullifying the NFL's penalty and shoving their hypocritical stance right up their racist, bigoted asses.

Once and for all fuck off NFL, Commissioner CTE and anyone else who agrees with them.

As always, I'm Mike Booble and that's my opinion.
by Mike Booble

About The Author

If brains were gasoline Mike would have enough to power an ants motorcycle around the outside of a penny. Would be funny if it wasn't true. Sports, sports, sports. Often times he said if he didnt do SOMETHING in the industry in would be a complete waste of his childhood. Crisis averted. 
Coma Inducing Rage Bait and the Art Of The Deal

The Major League Baseball trade deadline came and went with a flurry of activity, as always. Over the next 24-36 hours you're going to read grades on how each team did. You'll hear sports talk radio lament about the trades their teams made, or didn't make. And fans by the truckload will take to Twitter to rejoice or regurgitate the moves their GM.

I don't care about grades. I don't care if Player X is a short term rental or if it helps set up Team Y for the future. I don't even care what my team does….to an extent. I guess if the Cubs traded Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javy Baez for two 5-gallon Gatorade jugs and some BP balls I'd be a little upset. But in general I don't care.

This actually leads me to a pet peeve of mine. The over discussion by media and fans about player salaries. I've never given a second thought to what a player makes. When A-Rod signed his (at the time) record setting deal my first thought was “wow, that's a lot of money.”

Immediately my brain reminded me that he signed with Texas and that was the last time I gave a shit about A-Rod until he was traded to New York and got into a fight with Jason Varitek.

But along with the nauseating discussion of salaries comes the equally annoying discussion, or tantrum, fans and media have about Player X’s decision to sign with Team Y. The most recent example of this would be Kevin Durant leaving OKC for the Golden State Warriors.

Durant was torched by over sensitive fans, fans, none of whom were Thunder fans, for joining a team that knocked him out of the playoffs. He got the negative reaction to the old saying “if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em.” The pissing and moaning that went on and still does to a degree was reminiscent of the hypocritical rhetoric that comes out of Washington during election season.

Pretend for some reason you work at Walmart and like your job but strongly disliked your co-worker. Say Target approached you to come work for them. For almost double the money. And no more annoying co-worker. Say the store was closer to your house. The benefits were better. Of course you would take the job. So this backlash over Durant taking a better job is nothing but fake outrage. If you're a Rockets fan and Durant goes there I promise you're not calling him soft. You're counting the days until you can raise that championship banner.

Bryce Harper wasn't traded by the Nationals before the deadline. Seems like a dumb decision since it's unlikely he is going to resign there this off season. Most projections have him signing a 10-year $400M contract. Only a few teams can afford that. And when he signs with one of those teams there's going to be the usual uproar about the Yankees buying championships or the Red Sox signing him so the Yankees wouldn't. The Cubs/Dodgers will make a play but not really be in it. The GM of the Nats will be dragged across the coals for not trading him when they could to maximize his value. And it won't matter. The world will move on. The contract will only seem outlandish until Mike Trout signs a bigger one. And on and on and on.

The same discussions every offseasons are mind numbing. I can only dream of the day when people stop caring, like I do, and count down the days to the season. Stay in the know about your favorite team and give no fucks about anyone else's.

As always I'm Mike Booble and that's my opinion.